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Programs of Everest Educational and Welfare Society

Everest Educational and Welfare Society, Hyderabad sensed the need of time and took the responsibility to fulfill this great duty. The work on the curriculum undertaken by the society basically consists of three points: renewal, facilitation and abridgement. All the three aspects are dealt with the way that the skill of the students is not compromised and the contemporary demand is also met.

Plans of the society include many programs, six of which are underway. Four programs are dedicated to Islamic sciences, while two of them to the secular sciences.

Note: The objective of the above courses is never to diminish the importance of the major madrasas; it is aimed to extend assistance to them instead.

This institute will be free from every sort of sectarian differences.

Owing to the miserable conditions of Muslims around the world, especially in India, Muslims from every sect will have the opportunity to come closer to each other.

Future Plans:

This institute plans to construct different buildings for major madrasas of different sects, so that they can establish their branches here if they wish.

The madrasas of Deobandi, Barelvi, Ahle Hadith and Jamate Islami groups can establish their branches in these buildings.