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Everest Educational and Welfare Society, Hyderabad was established in Toli Chauki, Hyderabad in 2023. Its proposed four-storey building is under constructionover the area of 400 square feet in Rahul Colony, Toli Chauki. This building will comprise offices of the society, media cell, a library, a mosque, a program hall for women and a guest house.

This organization was although legally registered in 2023, but practically it came into existence in early 2022. To create awareness about the Prophet (saws) and the religion among children, it held various programs and seeratquiz competitions in various madrasas and colleges. The contestants securing positions and distinction marks were also awarded by the organization.

Apart from that, the organization also has a well-versed team of the Ulama and researchers preparingcurricula for four-year Alim course and other courses

This organization is also active to provide education to adults and help the needy.

A law college has already been established on a large area of land under the Everest Educational and Welfare Society. This college will provide courses on Indian laws like LLB and LLM as well as on the Islamic law. Barring that, courses of banking, accounting and Islamic banking will also be provided, so as to create interest in this field among Muslim students.

Aims and Objectives

  • Revamping Madrasa Curriculum: Engaging scholars to revise, simplify, and condense the existing eight-year teaching curriculum in religious madrasas, with the aim of standardizing this syllabus across madrasas in India.
  • Bridging Educational Divides : Addressing the gap between traditional madrasas and mainstream schools by creating a cohesive educational framework that integrates both systems.
  • Modernizing School Curriculum : Generalizing and modernizing the school system by incorporating essential subjects into its curriculum to ensure a well-rounded education.
  • Addressing Legal Education Needs : Establishing a law college in Hyderabad to cater to the shortage of Muslim lawyers, offering a curriculum that encompasses both Indian law and Islamic law.
  • Promoting Islamic Banking Education : Establishing an institution dedicated to Islamic banking education, where students can develop expertise in Islamic banking alongside conventional banking and accounting education.

Our Vision

Our vision does not seek to diminish the significance of the Madrasa system in India. Instead, it aims to complement it by implementing a comprehensive educational program nationwide.

This program would integrate religious studies with contemporary subjects, empowering students to thrive in a global context. By equipping them with a well-rounded education, our goal is to nurture individuals who can confidently represent Islam and address misconceptions about the faith on the global stage.

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