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Certificate Course

Third course is course of specializations, named as Certificate Course

In this course, students will be provided specializations on certain topics, the students writing a research paper on related topic will be awarded certificate.

This certificate course will span over a period of six months. The topics of this course may be as follows:

Rulings pertaining to Zakah, Rulings pertaining to inheritance, Rulings pertaining to marriage and divorce, Rulings pertaining to business and trade, Rulings pertaining to agriculture, Rulings pertaining to banking and finance, Rulings pertaining to debt and mortgage, etc.

Note: The objective of the above courses is never to diminish the importance of the major madrasas; it is aimed to extend assistance to them instead.

This institute will be free from every sort of sectarian differences.

Owing to the miserable conditions of Muslims around the world, especially in India, Muslims from every sect will have the opportunity to come closer to each other.

Lets make the
world better together